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Leon Hayduchok

Leon Hayduchok

I was born on April 2, 1972, in Trenton, New Jersey. Yes, I’m a Jersey boy, but that only explains so much. You see, even though I grew up in New Jersey, my parents were emigrants from Ukraine, which meant that I was raised in a Ukrainian home. Knowing that I’m a Uki from Jersey will certainly give you some insight into my personality, but it’s not until you know that I’m left-handed and have obsessive-compulsive disorder that you’ll start to understand why I’m, well, a little different.

I share these fun-facts about myself because they go a long way in explaining who I am and how I see the world. I’m a thinker; I always have been. So as an obsessive-compulsive, left-handed, Ukrainian-American, Generation-X thinker from New Jersey, I tend to notice obscure details and my mind often races, trying to put those details together, hoping to make sense out of life and this crazy world we live in. Combine that with a seminary degree in theology and nine years of pastoral experience and you’ll start to understand my provocative perspective in interpreting the Bible and it’s implications on the Christian faith in the 21st century. 

So, if you ever feel restless, or if you ever have a nagging sense that something just isn’t right with our world, or if you feel the Christian faith is too formulaic or stale to address the complexity of life in the 21st century, then you might appreciate what I have to say about experiencing the fullness of life in a world dying to control.

If you have any questions or would like to connect with me personally, you’re welcome to contact me at Leon@dyingtocontrol.com.

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