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Dying to Control

You might be wondering, “What is dying to control?” and “Why is it the 21st century dilemma?” Hopefully this page can help answer those questions.

Let me begin by saying that the human desire for control is not a new phenomenon. Prehistoric art painted on the walls of caves, hieroglyphics carved into stone temples, and words recorded on ancient scrolls, all tell the same story—we humans are in a constant struggle with the natural world and each another as we seek to control our lives and our eternal destinies. Unfortunately, in our attempts to preserve and promote self, we are killing ourselves and one another—we are literally dying to control.

Although this struggle for control is not a new phenomenon, it is taking on a new dimension in the 21st century. If rogue governments, terrorist organizations, and disturbed individuals want more control, they can look to 21st century technology for more ammunition that can do more damage and kill more people, making their threats more powerful than ever before. As for our American society, technology keeps giving us more control over the natural world and human life, feeding the illusion that we can, and should, control every aspect of our existence and that our lives and children should be perfect. As we continue pursuing more control, we are spending less time enjoying the blessings of life along the way.

There is, however, another option. Instead of fighting for control, we can let go of our need for control. In this light, dying to control takes on a whole new meaning. By relinquishing control we are set free to pursue our passions, to appreciate life for what it is, and to embrace one another for who we are as broken, imperfect, beautiful human beings, created in the image of God.

So, what will I do? What will you do? What will we do?

“In the end we have a choice—individually and collectively. We can continue fighting for control by ignoring, denying, deflecting, rationalizing, and whitewashing the truth of who we are and what we think and the shameful deeds we do—or with open and outstretched hands we can submit to one another.

Fight or submit—that is the choice set before us. That is the dilemma of dying to control.”


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