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What Happens When the “Miracle of Life” is No Longer a Miracle?

In today’s world we don’t view the “miracle of life” as being much of a miracle anymore. The microscope has allowed us to unravel the mystery of conception, the pill and abortion have given women power over pregnancy, anesthesia has reduced the pain … [Read more]

The Illusion of Control

This excerpt from chapter 6 addresses the effects that modern technology has had on how we experience (or don’t experience) life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.      The illusion of control vanished as people across Washington, DC, … [Read more]

Why Does God Seem So Distant?

“Why does God seem so distant?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? This excerpt from chapter 4 addresses what I believe is the central issue in our relationship with God.      After eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, … [Read more]

Are We Merely Mannequins on Display?

This excerpt from chapter 3 uncovers our greatest fear and exposes the great lengths we go to keep it covered.      What is your greatest fear? Some researchers tell us our greatest fear is public speaking. Yet when you think about it, the fear of … [Read more]

Living in the Land of Forbidden Fruit

This excerpt from chapter 2 demystifies the children’s version of the Adam and Eve story, challenging us to consider how we indulge ourselves on forbidden fruit.      “If you were raised in the United States, you probably heard about Adam and Eve … [Read more]

The Cost of Chasing After the “American Dream”

For this blog to be a helpful resource the posts need to address the issues and struggles of its readers. Therefore, to get a pulse on the audience, the first month of posts will be excerpts—intentionally provocative excerpts—from my book Dying to … [Read more]