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The Introduction to “Dying To Control”

A few questions that I've received about my book and blog are "What inspired you to write it?", "What is 'Dying to Control' all about?" and "What are you hoping to accomplish?" In thinking about how to answer these questions, I figured it might be … [Read more]

Just Another Manic Sunday

It’s Sunday, and the morning routine is much the same as any other day, except for one inexplicable difference: the force of Murphy’s Law—whatever can go wrong will go wrong—is strongest on Sunday mornings. It starts with everyone being slow to … [Read more]

In Search of More Heroes

We love our heroes. Whether they are warriors like Sir William Wallace, humanitarians like Mother Teresa, or civil rights activists like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we are captivated by those that reach beyond reason, risking their lives, for the … [Read more]

Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed “Control Freak”

Two weeks ago I invited people familiar with "Dying to Control" to share their personal stories of life-change. The following submission is a revealing account of one person's current struggle and her hopes of experiencing more freedom than she's … [Read more]

Is It Wrong to Want Control?

In my last post—We are Adam Lanza—I made the point that “we as a society are obsessed with the illusion of control, and when tragedy strikes, we’re more interested in trying to restore that illusion than in honestly assessing and dealing with the … [Read more]

We are Adam Lanza

A blog entry that I posted three months ago, titled The Illusion of Control, received an unusual number of hits this past week. Curious as to why, I reread the entry. The post began with a brief summary of the tragedy that occurred in the … [Read more]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Be “That Guy”

Nobody likes “that guy.” You know, “that guy”—the person who breaks social etiquette by saying or doing something awkward, inappropriate, or downright stupid; you know, the guy who drives 55 mph in the left lane when traffic is flowing at 70, the guy … [Read more]

Hurricane Sandy Hits Home

Hurricane Sandy hits home for me—really close to home. I grew up on Sandy Lane, forty minutes from the sandy beaches that hurricane Sandy pounded a few days ago. For me and millions of other people, the Jersey shore is synonymous with summer. Whether … [Read more]

How are We Supposed to Deal with Our Shame?

     Do you ever feel ashamed?      If you’re anything like me, then you may have said or done sometime this week or last Friday night you’re not proud of, and you wish—oh, how you wish—it had never happened.      Assuming for a moment that … [Read more]

What’s at Stake in the Creation vs. Evolution Debate?

Looking beneath the surface of the creation vs. evolution debate, this excerpt from chapter 8 brings to light how a noble fight for “truth” may not be so noble after all.      Have you ever been to a creation vs. evolution debate? In the late … [Read more]